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Hockey Names

Lately I’ve been blogging about books or ripping into the wedding industry. To lighten things up and help alleviate my hockey withdrawal, I present you a meme I found on Twitter this weekend.

Replace Song Lyrics with Hockey Names was trending. I got a kick out of "Crosby looks like a lady." I had some serious fun with the Caps roster.

Put Johansson me

Save a horse, ride an Aucion

Jam on cause Backstrom's got it

You are the Ward I want, the one I need

Neuvy let me go

With you I stop Perreault-tending

Keep calm and Carlson

Still not Ovi you

Baby when the Laich goes out, I’ll show you what it’s all about

Backstrom ass up

Are you Erskine the one you love

Your Hendricks on fire

It's not easy being Green

Holtby darlin' Holtby please

Beagle you are beautiful

Alzner lovers, give me a little bit more

Pour some Chimmers on me in the name of love

I gotta Perreault-ful of sunshine

You're the Orlov one

Don't turn out the Laich now

Burn out the day, burn out the night, I'm Halpern-in' Halpern-in' for you

Stop! It's Hamrlik time

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