January 31st, 2008

Shake It

Bambi Call Lines

We were discussing our first film experiences in my film class today and our professor's first film was Pinocchio. I hadn't seen this film since I was a small child and we only watched the first ~20 minutes or so. We did see the scene where Figario is told to open the window and actually does so with an attitude. I mumbled "I want a cat that smart." 

This reminded me of something a friend from high school told me.  When she was ~4 they released Bambi into theaters for some reason or another and her mom took her to see it. Eventually it gets to the part where Bambi's mother dies. My friend calls out into the theater, "Did they eat her?" Her mother tries to shush her to only get, "What? Some people eat deer," in reply. Kids say the darndest things.

It also reminded me of the cat I used to have while in high school. I had the rountine of doing my homework/reading while sitting on the counch wither listening to music or watching TV. If I turned the TV off or removed my headphones, my cat hopped off the couch and went into the basement where she stays when we are not up, about and in the house and just stands there waiting for me to shut the door. Our dog did the same thing where she would watch us get ready to go out the door in the mornings (putting on shoes or dishes in the sink) and get in her crate automatically without prompt.

Two random otherwise unconnected things brought together by a freakishly smart creature in a fictional feature length cartoon. Memories are funny that way.