July 2nd, 2012

Heart & Key

Mix Tape

I had an idea. I remember reading a pop science book that when a class had to match a group of students with the top 10 songs on their iPod, they did so with remarkable accuracy. People have always considered music very representatives of themselves.

Since favorite music is a fairly accurate measure of a person, why not make a mix tape of some of your favorite songs, songs from the year you were born, songs from milestones in your life, songs you just have a connection to, whatever for someone you’re just starting to date?

You exchange mixes, listen to them and either call or meet up again to explain why you picked the songs you did. I think it might make dating a little more interesting and, frankly, enjoyable. I had an ex make me a random mix and I discovered several bands I now love that way.

Some of my songs would have to be:

The Only Exception by Paramore

This is a love song for cynics ergo I love it.

Only If For a Night by Florence + the Machine

I love the ethereal sound of this song.

Innocence by Halestorm

I really like this band and this is one of my favorite songs by them. It also comes across slightly better than “Love Bites (But So Do I)"

Awake and Alive by Skillet

I discovered this song at a Caps game when they cut video to it. Plus, it’s just a good song

When She’s On by Chris Young

I love the sentiment of this song plus I can sing along with it rather well if I do say so myself

This City feat. Lupe Fiasco by Patrick Stump

I am a Maryland girl born and bred. There are only 3 ways I’m leaving this state: witness protection, a job is throwing money at me, or a job is throwing money at my husband. I’ve listed this in order of likelihood.

Turning Tables by ADELE

I love songs about broken hearts because all the best ones come from real experience. They have an extra layer of emotion behind them. This one is no exception

These are definitely not the only ones I'd use and are subject to change as time goes by. If I ever try this in real life, I’ll report back.