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The Music Name Game

I recently remembered a meme/quiz thing I did some time ago and thought would be fun to repeat. Here are the instructions:
Whip out your music program, click the random button, and pick out 15 songs. Alter the name by turning it into a convoluted, wordy synonym. For example: Silent Night = Nocturnal Time Completely Lacking Noise. When someone guesses the title correctly, italicize, strike out etc. the convoluted one and put the real title and the person who figured it out.

1) There's a Pleasant Logical Explanation as for these 4-Legged Slabs to be Marked Numerally Sweet Thing, The Concept Just Has Not Occurred to You at this point in time

2) Sleek Wrong Doer

3) Lively Garment Bedlam

4) The Correct Occasion

5) Support My Terra Firma

6) Homicidal Royal Female

7) Regular Nocturnal Occurrence

8) Jove, It Is Pleasant!

9) Amorousness is a Radiant Object

10) Famous Art Piece and Crazy Toppers
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