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Forbidden Fruit

Love is in the air and it smells funny

I have already done 2 other blogs about this so I might as well cap it off with a formal announcement courtesy of Entertainment Weekly's PopWatch. Barbie and Ken are now officially back together, as it should be. [Although some people at Slate.com are probably less than stoked.]

I love that they're calling this a Valentine's Day Surprise. There have been magazine ads, a Hulu surreality show (on another note, we now know how Whitney Port is paying her bills), billboards in some of the biggest cities in the country, and all of the merchandise was on the shelves weeks ago. This is like that inevitable event in our friends lives that we all see coming 10 miles out but they're surprised. The only people who are shocked are living under a pop culture rock.

On a semi-related note, there is more love on the shelves at your local bookseller. The Pioneer Woman is the tale of a midwestern cosmopolitan who feel madly in love with the Marlboro Man. As her book says, from black heels to tractor wheels. it started on this blog but I think the book looks like solid fun, even for an unromantic like me.

Love seems to be in the air lately. I wonder if it's catching and we'll all have to start wearing masks like we did during the SARS scare...
Bad Kitty

I Don't Get to Toy Around Anymore...

I know I have been very prolific with my blogs today but I have cause to rant again. Everyone is familiar with items being yanked from shelves for (insert stupid reason here). Mental_floss has done multiple articles about banned and recalled items including items banned from Wal-Mart. I encountered something similar today at Target.

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve been a bit excited about the reunion of Barbie and Ken and recently purchased a tote bag sold for the occasion.

This tote bag was yanked from store shelves in less than two weeks. I found it going for $13 plus shipping on e-bay because of the product yank. I asked one of the employees what happened and he said someone, somewhere found it offensive. He said it was the plastic part which makes sense given that these were still on the shelves:

I fail to see how Barbie and Ken who are both plastic (as stated in one of the ‘take me back’ ads) on a tote bag teasing about plastic boyfriends is bad. I’m trying to construe, in any universe potentially known to Kirk, Picard or Janeway, the plastic comment is worse than the real one. It’s OK to toy with real boyfriends but not plastic ones? And don’t even try to use the ‘adult playthings’ argument here since it didn’t say anything about latex, rubber, or batteries (unless there’s a Rihanna doll coming out I don’t know about).

I would like to request this of the over-sensitive doofus who ended up getting this hilarious bag banned. Look at the pictures on the tote bag. Look at the plastic dolls. Look in the mirror. Now please repeatedly smack your head against said mirror because clearly you aren’t using the contents of that head for anything productive.

Of course plastic boyfriends are fun. Ken is a freaking toy! There is a shirt saying “Boyfriends are fun to toy with” and it’s in tween to underfed teen sizes. While I think this is awesome and want one of my own, isn’t that sending a worse message if we’re going to go down this road? How is that less offensive? How do overly sensitive politically correct secret police dictate so much of our lives? This is almost as bad as the ‘woman president’ shirt banned from Wal-Mart. Almost.

And anything that might be construed as bad must be removed from shelves right? Given that this item is still on shelves, it must not be bad at all:

Sweet Talkin' Ken records whatever you tell him but repeats it back in his own voice. I didn't try it out because I figured my tote bag rant made me odd enough for one day. While I would have totally wanted this when I was younger (and would like a flesh and blood equivalent now), I can see this going horribly awry and I could go on with some psychobabble about unrealistic expectations, possibly destructive images toward males etc. I would only half believe any of it. Plus, I think people should think and decide for themselves. I don't want some Glen Beck fan club member telling me I can and cannot buy. Let people decide for themselves. When a wide enough spectrum of people are offended by something, they'll make it known. 

Forbidden Fruit

Barbie and Ken Are Back On!!!

Not long ago I saw that two page ad where Ken tells Barbie he wants her back.  Well, she said yes!  According to Amazon, this special Barbie and Ken set won't be released until Valentine's Day (saw that one coming 10 miles out). Not according to my Target. Unfortunately, there isn't an easy way for me to get the picture off the phone since it isn't that smart.  That didn't stop people on flickr. Even more annoying was that I got a plastic reusable tote that has pictures of Barbie and Ken and says "Plastic boyfriends are fun to toy with."  (I should add that this holds true for real ones as well.)

Additional madness? Ken had special cupcakes made and took out billboards in New York City and Los Angeles. When romance is brought to you by Mattel, it's brought out in full force. Apparently, the ad that I saw was one of three (see below). Barbie is even going all out on twitter talking about how they're made for each other but shouldn't she be focusing on her career? I knew they would make this a big deal for February's wannabe holiday (rant to come). Who called it?  That would be me.

I'll post some links when they officially announce it in a couple of weeks. Any possibility of me being a romantic was knocked out of me ages ago but this is almost enough to melt my little black heart. Barbie and Ken belong together, they were designed that way.

Forbidden Fruit

Barbie and Ken Back On?

I'm sure I've blogged about this before but most of you know that it has been a good long while since Barbie and Ken were formally "together."  They split back in 2004 but there was hope of reconciliation as of 2006 once Ken had a makeover (courtesy of Wiki).  Apparently it wasn't quite enough to tear Barbie away from her metrosexual surfer dude Blaine.  How do I know?  Because as I was keeping myself amused in the checkout line I saw this:  

Now that's what I call romance. If a guy is willing to take out a two page spread in one of the most popular gossip mags, I would totally give him another chance. Barbie, leave that highlighted little surfer dude because you know he and his sailing buddy Chip are probably more than friends anyway.

And did anyone besides me notice that this is happening about a month before February's ridiculous wannabe holiday?  I'm keeping my eyes peeled for further advances on this.