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I wish I was doing more this year than showing up to class in a half-done costume. I didn't feel like going all out this year because that would require a skirt and I was just too lazy to not wear jeans. Maybe next year I'll do something more, prally not since I'll be really busy trying to graduate. I am sooo going all out for Halloween once I have my own place which will take God knows how long but I'll go all out for Halloween anyway. I'll prally decorate a lot more when I move back home after graduation. I just wish I could have done more than go to class and buy gorceries. Now I must put away said groceries and study for Friday's test. 
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I realized something really weird about myself recently. Whenever I get really stressed or maxed out, I get uber-tired which is remarkably counterproductive. Like yesterday when I have to stand in front of my English class and talk plus do laundry (underwear was at critical mass) plus study for a German test (stupid foreign language requirement) and realized in the midst of folding a towel, I have an assignment due the next morning. My energy level went from 'woman-on-a-mission' to 'vegetarian-zombie'  in a split second. I had more energy when I thought I had everything under control but once I realized I was over expended, I died which I hate. It also makes me more cranky than usual since I'm tired (I seriously regress to age 6 sometimes). I'm completely maxed out, not getting enough done but pretty well rested. It makes no sense and doesn't help me but at least I get my sleep.
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Quotes from Readings

Here are a couple of quotes from some articles I had to read about transgender people. 

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The other quotes are from a book I started reading about useless sex facts. I got it on sale for $2 when my So and I were wandering around an Urban Outfitters yesterday. I'm not done yet by some of these range from ridiculous to hilarious to just plain wrong/EW!

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 I had to read 2 very interesting things for class recently. One of the things was an article that tells you how to be a good wife. It's from an actual text book.

How To Be a Good Wife

I can't wait to show it my SO. He'll die laughing since he knows I will do next to none of those things for him as much as I adore him.

The other thing I read I have have read for classes twice before (hence, it might be important and I should remember it fairly well by now). It makes some really excellent points about American culture on the list of 50 things. The one that is easiest to recognize right off the bat is #46 for me. I used to work in retail and can recall how flesh colored garments and under garments were easy to find if you were white but if you weren't, the definition of 'flesh' wasn't very broad.

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