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Turning Tables

I've gotten into ADELE recently. She's an incredible English soul singer. Her current single is Rolling in the Deep which has a lot of power and drama. I always rock out when it comes on the radio. Fire to the Rain is another great song that has the same power but is simpler.

But my favorite from that album may be Turning Tables. It's a song about love and heartbreak (from me, shocker) and the unplugged version I've link isn't drastically different from the album version. The stand out sounds are her and the piano. The song has a lot of emotion and that's where it all comes from. It's absolutely worth a listen.
Sweet Lips

Set Fire to the Third Bar

I just recently discovered this song and find it incredibly beautiful.  When I first watched the music video I was fascinated by the dichotomy between the two people.  It seemed like the miles between them was greater than distance.  This music video takes the concept of 'a picture is worth a thousand words' and rather than tell you the story, it lets you create one of your own. I'm not sure I totally get the name but it's still very poignant.

Sweet Lips

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My roommate was getting ready to meet her boy to  Reach Out She used the youtube video and I decided to watch it when she said she barely recognized Hilary Duff in it.

I find it ironic that she barely recognized Duff since she has the same haircut as she did when she first started out. Her hair has identical color and cut as it did in Yesterday and Wake Up. The makeup is bolder and brighter. Her first major appearance change occurs in With Love when she goes brunette. It was also the first time she attempted to sex it up. It's definitely a more subtle transition but a tall, dark and handsome chasing her and the her pushing and pulling him in the elevator send very clear signals about her now-budding sexuality. Does the hip swinging and gyrating in the empty elevator remind anyone else of the movie scenes of strip clubs?

If you look at Reach Out, she looks more like she did in her innocent days visually but that quickly gets shot to hell. While Duff is not one of the pseudo streakers, you see her gyrating suggestively, touching herself, clinging to a guys leg, leaning against his chest so all you see over his bare back is her head, crossing her legs and adjusting her skirt in the pool teasing you with the non-existent pantie/vagina shot and sucking on a guy's thumb. Don't forget the split-second shots of her hands being bound or her being blindfolded. We get. No more squeaky clean teen queen. She's an over-sexed barely legal tramp. Must you beat us over the head with it.

The last time I saw this must suggestive imagery that didn't lead to sex was in a rap video. Jesus Christ. I was surprised when I first watched it but looking at it more critically I'm shocked at how much subtle imagery you can miss the first time you watch it. Kids look up to her. People who loved her when they were 6 or 8 still love her when they are the impressionable tweens. They get messages about how they should look and act from this kind of crap. I would not want a role model for my child (or any child for that matter) involved soft core bondage especially on something that will be all over TV and the internet. A leaked home movie I get but on something that tween girls will be watching pisses me off. This is something that cause tween boys to go take a shower and should not be something that tween girls learn to do.

Congratulations Duff. You have disappointed mothers everywhere. Sorry moms, guess your kids will have to find someone else to love now that she's on Santa's naughty list. Vanessa Hudgens is out because she broke the cardinal rule of being a celebrity (never get it on any kind of film dumbass). Ashley Tisdale hasn't screwed up yet but give it time.

What is it with the expectation that tween and teens need to be totally sexed up and available anyway? Why are girls being taught to act this way? When I was in jr high I never gave blow jobs. I didn't in high school either. I think it's complete crap that teen boys expect it from girls. I have yet to find a guy who clearly expected it for no reason. What, you bought me dinner so I need to be on my knees? Fuck that. With my gag reflex and feminist politics you had damn well better earn that and I don't mean dinner. I'm sorry but any guy who expects that treatment simply because you're there is not worth your time or effort because he clearly does not respect you or your body.

And I am not pulling this out of no where. I started but did not finish a book about over-sexed teens in Boston and have heard many a tale about hooking up where it was expected and implied that the girl should blow the guy. I have never had that problem in my life but then again I'm a no nonsense person. If you want an easy lay, try the dumb drunk chick who can barely walk in 4 inch heels and neglected to bring a coat despite the 30 degree wind chill. She is clearly not that bright and doesn't like her body that much anyway. I'll stop now because that's a whole different rant which I do not have time for tonight. Besides, two is enough for one blog.