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Bad Kitty

Up in the Air

I heard a great thing on The Kane Show. While they were on a plane over the weekend, two of the people from the show sat next to a woman who did her nails on the plane. Color and top coat. How self-involved can you be that you think, “I need to do my nails despite the enclosed space and offensive chemical smell”?

Kane posted her picture on Twitter and the woman is a fan of the show and called in! She was mad that they did that and said “I paid for that seat and that space. I should be able to do whatever I want.” By that order people can do yoga, breast feed, make-out, masturbate, floss, blast your music sans headphones, and change a diaper. I can make my peace with breast feeding if you have a scarf or something to add privacy. I know babies have to eat but I have no desire to know you that well random stranger. Everything else is obnoxious and inexcusable.

She further defended what she did by saying that people bring on smelly food like “Subway meatball subs with onions.” Much like babies, people need to eat. When ordering food you should consider that the windows don’t open but no one will mock you Twitter for getting lunch.

When people said the smell gives them migraines or can trigger asthma attacks, she said “People have peanut allergies and they still serve peanuts.” Very few airlines still do that and people actually get a choice whether they fly that airline.

“It’s the same as perfume.” Really? Nobody puts on perfume while sitting on the damn plane. If it’s already on, the damage is done, start wheezing. Again, people should go easy on the scented crap before flying but nobody will mock you unless your offensive smell is BO or you bathed in your cologne.

An airline stewardess called in and said that she was surprised someone didn’t take it away because it’s flammable. That finally shut her up. It wasn’t because nobody agreed with her. It wasn’t because all her arguments were lamer than a two-legged dog. It was because it was a fire hazard.

If I was sitting next to her and she got up to go to the bathroom I would grab that stuff out of her purse and hid it. Nobody cares if your nails are funky and if I made a show out of taking your nail polish, people would clap. I know I would.



Sometimes I wonder if lack of self-awareness, self-absorption, and ego has made a large portion of my generation unable to function socially. I have one particular person in mind when I say this.

This revolves around one incident yesterday but I should give you a little background to properly frame this story.

I met him back in January at a singles night for Washington Capitals fans. He inserted himself into my conversation with another guy, more or less ran him off, and then wouldn’t leave me alone for the rest of the pre-game event. Since he was a season ticket holder and a fan club member, I was polite but I made it clear that all I wanted to be was friends.

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Because of how whiney, neurotic, and clueless he is, I usually refer to him as Woody Allen without the Funny or the Woody Allen Wannabe. Yesterday, I was at a regular board gaming event in DC. He came but some of my friends kept him distracted since I’d have to deal with him prior to the hockey game (bless them). As I was talking to some of my friends in the group, I mentioned that I hadn’t been out with anyone since the guy I dated last fall. WAW corrected me.

Maybe it was my use of the phrase “been out with” that had WAW trying to correct me to include him. I informed him, in a no nonsense tone, “Those weren’t dates.” He tried to correct me again. “Well, the singles night kinda counts.” The night where I arrived with my friend, met you, couldn’t get rid you, and then left to go have dinner with her? That doesn’t count. The road trip with most of the fan club and additional people doesn’t count. The one hockey game we went to with your brother doesn’t count.

If the girl says you’ve never been out, you’ve never been out

Going to a place together doesn’t equal going out (AKA a date). My opinion matters more than yours on this so don’t you dare correct me on whether or not I’ve dated you. I know who I’ve dated and you are not now nor will you ever be on that list. Please explain to me how you’ve gone 30 years thinking that it’s socially acceptable to try and retroactively correct your way into dating someone

When I told him over email that it was rude, presumptuous, and erroneous to correct me and that all we’ve ever been is friends his reply was “Uummmm, OK. Sorry."

That response either means he thinks I’m out of bounds (which I’m not) or he doesn’t seem to understand what he did wrong. I’m not surprised he doesn’t get it but I wrote you the check. If you can’t buy a clue, that’s too bad. You are not my problem anymore.

Bad Kitty

Rant On!

I have had this argument on FB at least twice in almost as many weeks and I. Have. Had. It.

I am so unbelievably sick of hearing men (it's always frakking men) say that religious employers should be able to deny women birth control as part of their healthcare plan because their God says and the Constitution guarantees religious freedom. What part of the Constitution allows your freedom of religion into my doctor's office and into my uterus?

The Constitution was written 250+ years ago when women weren't real citizens and black people were property! Update your argument because if it's all you've got, it's not good enough

You can do better and the women of this country deserve a better reason than the words of long dead white men if our healthcare is going to be highjacked in the name of somebody else's God (cause He sure as hell ain't mine.)

Rant off.
Forbidden Fruit

Stupid People

You know you’re day is going to be long when you’re impressed with the level of stupid of people and it’s not even 9 AM.

On my ride in to work the DJ was talking about a message he got on FB. A girl had just started dating a guy when he told her that she should wear more make-up. He said she was a six but could be an eight. Should she keep dating him?

After racking my brain I came up with six languages in which I can say “No!” You barely know this guy and he’s already trying to change your appearance and tell you what to do? Run like you’re a black guy in a horror movie.

If a guy said that to me I’d come back with some witty retort like “You were a seven but that comment knocked you down to a four” or I’d throw my drink in his face. Whichever better makes my point. Either love what’s in front of you as it is or move along. I am the most girlie of my friends I barely wear any make-up. None of us have problems acquiring men.

The second moment was when I was reading yesterday’s Dear Prudie. A woman wrote in to complain that her daughter’s fourth grade teacher was pregnant and unmarried. The teacher simply told her students she was due in June. When the mother asked what she planned to do with the baby, the teacher politely told her it was none of her business. The mother said that she must do something because this woman has great influence over her daughter and doesn’t want it in her head that “single motherhood is acceptable."

Excuse my German but are you fucking kidding me lady? Her body, her child, her choice, her business. Teaching your daughter doesn’t make her private life public (barring stupidity on FB but that’s another blog). The only remotely appropriate question you can ask is what she plans to tell her students should they inquire about her marital status/her baby’s daddy.

If a woman finds out she’s pregnant and wants to keep the baby but not the father that’s probably a helluva lot smarter than getting married just to be married. She might not want to wait for Mr. Right hurry up and get here before having a family.

If single mothers have a good support network and want to be good parents, there’s nothing wrong with what they’re doing. Simply being married doesn’t make you better parents or better people.

Bad Kitty

Women's Rights and Men's Wrongs

Many of you have heard about the debates regarding Catholic organization employers denying contraception as part of their healthcare packages. A ‘friend’ of mine posted about this on FB. This is going to get lengthy so I posted most of this under a cut. If you wish to imbibe, his original post is

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Bad Kitty

I Hate Rihanna

I don’t think I’ve ever said anything on here but I really don’t like Rihanna. Part of it is her music. Part of it is her infamous diva ingratitude. Mostly, she is one of the worst role models I’ve seen since Fantasia Barrino (another rant for another time).

Starting with the music, most of her songs are complete and utter crap. Her primary medium is trash pop so my bar is not high. I like a good shallow but bouncy pop song but for this I turn to Britney, Katy, or almost anyone else.

Occasionally she’ll release something I’ll find mildly listenable like S&M. I don’t despise We Found Love. However I cannot stand Rude Boy and You Da One. I will change my radio to a commercial before listening to nonsensical twaddle. They are lyrically simplistic, musically uninteresting, and just an insult to me as a consumer. If this is your best effort, you can keep it.

Then you have the infamous attitude. My morning radio station is running a contest to meet her in London and get VIP seats for her concert. I would only do that if I was paid. This is assuming she’ll be on time for her concert in the first place. Expecting her to say more than 3 words to the contest winners is also a stretch.

When she was a guest on SNL, she was in a skit with a bunch of kids. She was perpetually late and when she wasn’t filming or rehearsing, she didn’t acknowledge them and most of the SNL cast.

SNL doesn’t need you rude bitch. This is a much needed PR opportunity for you since acting like you can’t stand you fans isn’t working out too well. You are not above being congenial to the common folk who keep you in designer duds by buying your records.

Her PR leads me to reason the main reason why I cannot stand this girl. A quick Google search will refresh everyone’s memory about the time Chris Brown assaulted her. She readily took him back. The only reason she left was because her team of people knew it would be a nightmare for her image. I’ll repeat that just for emphasis. She was happy to take back her abusive boyfriend.

If you’re in this industry, you are a role model for your fans whether you like it or not. Once you have the fame and the fan base, there are young people who look up to you. Rihanna essentially told all of her fans that it’s OK if your significant other hits you. After that I declared her a waste of oxygen.

If rude bitch can’t be bothered to show up to her own sold out concerts on time, I truly doubt she cares that her decisions affect anyone else.  She has also learned nothing in the intervening years because she was recently seen out with Chris Brown. She couldn’t see him until recently because of the restraining order.

I know you don’t care about your fans. I know you don’t care that your example will probably lead to your younger fans staying in bad relationships because ‘they can change like Chris Brown.’ I know you must not care about your own safety if you are willing to take back someone who needed to be kept a certain distance away. I know that Chris Brown was not properly treated for his anger issues and will do it again. I know this time I won’t feel bad for you because to many people tried to stop it and teach you better including your fans. I can't stand people who blame the victim but if this is just round 2, this victim had no excuse to not know better.

I am truly sorry that she’s famous and has the power to influence young women. At least 2 out of 3 Kardashian sister didn’t stay in abusive or dangerous relationships. They may not be ideal but I think they are better role models to young women than Rihanna. If that doesn’t drive my point home, I don’t know what will.

Bad Kitty

Good Will Toward Who Again?

I love how I only spend an hour out among people and it was one of the worst hours of my entire week. 

First, I go to Target to get a few things. I go to get in a check-out line and I hear the cashier say, "Does the next person want to go to register 12?" It's wide open so I start moving my cart. Out of the corner of my eye I see a teenage girl, maybe 15 or 16. I don't stop moving because with an open register on a busy afternoon, it's basically snooze or lose. If she had hustled or said something (she didn't have much), I wouldn't have cared. However, the girl saw me and stopped so I kept moving.

As I'm getting ready to pay, some woman walks by and says "Just fucking rude." I assume she's having a conversation with whoever she's with because that's fairly random thing to just say and it wasn't actually said to me. I pull my cart over near the door and gather up my things and the same woman walks by me and says something else obnoxious. As I walk behind her I realize it's the mother and the hesitating daughter.

Now in order for us to leave at the same time, she had to walk by me with the 'rude' comment and waited by the door for me to finish paying, gather my things and leave. As we're walking she's saying nasty things over her shoulder along with "Yes, I'm talking about you." This woman hung around the exit to say something snide as she's walking out and then continues to be nasty over her shoulder but not to my face? I did the one thing that I knew would royally piss her off: I refused to acknowledge her existence.

You go to the trouble of hanging around the exit and waiting for me and you still can't be bothered to say something to my face? Is your cable out or something? Either grow a set and say it to my face or shut up and get over it. This is your daughter's battle and she's not the one fighting it. I can't imagine how she got so timid. Maybe it's the overbearing, passive-aggressive piece of work she's got for a mother.

The funny thing is that if the mother or the daughter had said something to my face with an iota of respect for me as a human being, I probably would have apologized. As it is, I'm just assuming she's someone who is deeply disliked by many and will eventually end up on daytime television.

When I get back to my car I find that there's a scuff on the back and part of the rubber/plastic stuff around the wheel area is ripped. Whoever it was didn't leave a note because they probably saw the scuff, not the actual damage, and drove off. Or they were uninsured and drove off which wouldn't be a shocker for my county.

I know 2011 wasn't a great year but it wasn't a bad year. Why must it end on such an thoroughly unpleasant note?
Rhymes With Orange

Conversations about Charlie Sheen

Due to his ‘acute manic episode’ (as says Dr. Drew), Charlie Sheen has made Lindsay Lohan look stable and has taken her place as tabloid fodder darling. I’m not going to say much since that man is more overexposed than all the Victoria’s Secret models of past and present. I just wanted to relay an actual conversation at my office regarding Charlie Sheen:

Coworker: He is on drugs.

Me: He passed 4 drug tests in as many days. Some of the crazy behavior is happening when he is sober.

Coworker: Just because you pass a drug test doesn’t mean you’re sober.

Actually that’s exactly what it means.

I’m not saying he’s sober with any level of consistency but, according to whoever does those tests, Sheen was running clean for 4 straight days and still acting nutty on those days. I’ve had conversations with this woman before that have result in some choice phrases and even she can hit a point to where she realizes she’s being an idiot (which is always fun to see happen). Once she, and others like her, get in her “I’m right” mood, it’s better to just step back and let the stupid run its course.

Due to his very gaunt appearance and insane rants, I have no doubt he’s abusing some sort of substance. He just wasn’t on certain days or long enough before for his system to run clean. Odds are Sheen knew this was coming and did what one of my college roommates did and took the drug tests only to get high once it was all over.

The bottom line with Sheen is that either the drugs have fried his brains beyond hope or he has some personality disorder that has finally come into bloom. I vote for Narcissistic Personality Disorder compounded with an ongoing addiction to something.

Pictures of What?

This article is low on pictures but isn't for men who are faint of women's troubles. This is regarding a Republican State Representative Bobby Franklin (and Glen Beck fan club member) from Georgia who wants to make abortion a criminal offense because it's "Prenatal Murder." I won't repeat the rest of the article since it's pretty short and I really agree with what it has to say. I like the way these women plan on making their point though.

This idiot Rep is one of the reasons I don't like men who are vehemently pro-life. I don't overly care for men who hold this position but men who are passionate annoy the life out of me. When was the last time those men had to worry about an unwanted pregnancy? Oh, yeah. Never. 

Since you have no empathy or a clue about what you're talking about, don't tell me what to do with my uterus. If you think you can control my uterus than I get to control your reproductive organs and my decision is to have Representative Franklin sterilized. Does that sound fair to you Mr. Franklin? 
Sweet Lips

2009 MTV VMA Drama Courtesy Kanye

While the VMAs are far from over, there has already been noteworthy drama.  The first award delivered was for Best Female Video.  The nominees included Taylor Swift - "You Belong With Me," Lady Gaga - "Pokerface," Beyonce - "Single Ladies," Kelly Clarkson - "My Life Would Suck Without You," Pink - "So What!" and Katy Perry - "Hot n Cold." All great talent and all videos were well done.  Too bad the drama hit a really undeserving target.

Prior to the awards show, Taylor Swift was interviewed on the red carpet as saying that she was going up against Lady Gaga and Beyonce and didn't expect to win against that talent.  She was happy to be nominated.  She stayed true to the sweet, earnest, good girl-next-door image she has and has managed to hang on to.  In Hollywood, that deserves some props.  Maybe her modesty helped her in life since she won the award.

When they switched from the presenters to Taylor for the reaction shot, she looked completely shocked and ecstatic.  Her friend wrapped her in a bear hug and she went to get her award.  She said that she dreamed of winning a moon man but never believed it would happen since she sang country music.  She thanked everyone.  Then, in the midst of her glorious moment, in comes Kanye West who proclaims "Excuse me.  Taylor I will let you finish but I have to say that Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time.  Of all time!"  I think Taylor Swift was so disappointed that Kanye did that that she didn’t say anything else.  Some of the crowd jumped up and started cheering, including Taylor’s friend. 

I’m sure there are thousands of people out there who think Beyonce deserved to win over Taylor Swift.  That is their opinion and they are more than entitled to it.  But going up on stage to proclaim that you think the winner didn’t deserve to win is simply a shitty thing to do.  This is their moment, their glory.  That girl was generally dumbfounded that she won.  She literally said she didn’t think it would happen.  Then some arrogant jackass goes up onstage to say that she didn’t deserve to win at all, taking her moment and ruining it.  What idiot let Kanye up on that stage and gave him a mike?  Proclaim your opinion from the high heavens, make signs, write blogs, personalize a shirt, whatever you want.  But do it on your own time, in your own moment.  Don’t ruin someone else’s happiness because you’re an asshole.

Right after the scene, MTV switches to a reaction shot from Beyonce and she has an expression that appears to be a combination of confusion and discomfort and muttering "No he didn't."  It was a “Did that just happen?” kind of a face.  I don’t follow Beyonce especially closely but from what I’ve seen, she seems to be a class act.  She remains relatively scandal free with her personal and professional life, always steps out looking good, and carries herself with dignity and grace.  As far as I can see, she’s a class act.  There is no doubt in my mind she felt bad that mess with Kanye and his big mouth had to happen.  I’m sure she sees Taylor trying to enjoy her moment on stage and then Kanye ruins it in her honor.  I’m sure Beyonce felt terrible for Taylor and had the smallest urge to slap Kanye.  I know I did but I hate melodramatic bitches.

And Kanye just got booed by almost the entire theater.  Diddy was presenting and talking about how the various members of the hiphop community gives back to new protégés.  He got to Kanye and there was an impressive chorus of boos.  Diddy asks “What did I say?”  Then the crowd started chanting “Taylor!  Taylor!”  I’d feel bad if the dude didn’t earn it.  He can think what he thinks and is entitled to his own opinion but Taylor Swift won.  I hope when he has his moment of unexpected glory, someone comes along to ruin it.

BTW, I did some searching.  The VMA winners are decided based on how their songs and videos perform on the Billboard charts and the like.  I had a very hard time finding a straight answer but the point I’m aiming at here is that Swift didn’t bribe a judge.  She’s popular and likeable and therefore sold well.  Maybe she’s one of those few ‘nice’ people that don’t fall behind.

Update: It was getting late so I watched the rest of the show from bed.  Beyonce won video of the year, came up to accept and said that she remembered winning her first moon man with Destiny's Child.  She said it was one of the biggest moments of her life which was why she thought Taylor Swift should come back out and have her moment.  The crowd cheered.  Taylor Swift came out and said "Maybe we could try this again."  She got to do her thank yous and have her moment.  It was really beautiful and sweet.  Beyonce is definitely a class act and Taylor Swift seems really sweet.  Yay for them!  Kanye West seems like a melodramatic bitch and I hope the next time he has a moment, someone steals it away.  I'm really glad he didn't win a moon man.